People have always sought help and counsel from others in times of difficulty.there are either minor or major family problems with children or spouse or in laws,problems at school or job related problems with boss,colleagues or subordiantes or depression or general stress of life. We need someone who can give us solace,comfort,peace of mind or make us relaxed and feel happy , help us to realise our goals and achieve maximum in life.these circumstances have given rise to the need for counselling.

"counselling is the "process" of "help" or "assistance" provided by a trained counsellor to an individual facing a 'problem' by making her/him understand her/his 'assets', liabilities', the situation in which he /she is placed and then arrive at some 'decision' or 'solution'.

Types of counseling

(This is a partial list of the types of counseling available today)

* career counseling
* Co-counseling
* counseling psychology
* credit counseling
* crisis hotline
*cross-cultural counseling
* disaster counseling
* disciplinary counseling
* e-mail counseling
* ecological counseling
* family & marriage counseling
* genetic counseling
*grief & trauma counseling
* grief counseling
* intervention (counseling)
* lay community counselor
* marriage counseling
* online counseling
* peer counseling
* philosophical counseling
* per-conception counseling
* pregnancy options counseling
* psychiatric and mental health counseling
* re-evaluation counseling
* relationship counseling
* rehabilitation counseling
* sexual trauma counseling
* solution-focused counseling
* student counseling
* suicide intervention
* telephone counseling
* trauma counseling
* vocational counseling


But here ,we would like to focus on student' psychology and counseling . If we categorize the students in 2 different category on the basis of class n levels , category 1, class kg to 8th n second class 9th to college level . We find that 1st category (kg to 8th) students are having common problems of : school phobia ,bad food habits, lack of concentration, too much of t.v., computer/video games, internet , short temperament, disobeying elders, telling lie, conceal the facts, exam/subject phobia, problems with siblings n many more.

On the other hand

drugs, drinking, smoking ,raging ,blue films, bike/car racing , dropping out, physical involvement ,infatuation ,pregnancy, gangs, violence in the schools/college, sexually transmitted diseases, mms/sms scandals, racism, running away, suicide, lack of concentration ,truancy ...etc.etc. These are the common problems of all the second category higher class(9th to 12th) school students n college going students today.

Now the question is how to get rid of this problem so that the future of our country our child should come on the right track. Our child's bringing up should be well organized.keeping this thing in our mind Institute is here to solve this problem by providing our best

Trainers, psychologist, and other trained personals . We would like to introduce you with the succesfull parents of the society .

So that you could know :-

*How to develop good manners and courtesy in children?
*how to say "no" to your teen?
*how to communicate with your teenager?
*how to improve parent teen relationship ?
*parenting a computer internet addicted teen
*stop being over protective parent
* talking to the child about puberty
*teens and peer pressure
*how do i build self esteem in my teenager ?
*healthy eating for teenagers
*how to deal with teens with attitude?
*helping teenagers make career choices
*how should you help your teen to live a balanced and organized life
* career options in india for teenagers
*teens pocket money
*healthy breakfast for vegetarian teens
*how to build a healthy relationship with your teen
*how teens can learn from their mistakes
* how to deal with lying teenagers
* how to handle angry teens
* teen depression and suicide
* helping your teen to become independent
* should teens carry cell phones to school?


You can contact us for assistance .you can come to our office after fixing up the appointment. we are also providing online and telephonic counseling for the outside and foreign students. For that please mail or call us.