Career Counselling

Choosing a career was not thought to be important earlier as it is nowadays.With the changing scenario, the rules of career or profession are also changing and are constantly evolving. The professional world is changing ,it has become more demanding, more specialized and ever competitive .

A career which appropriately challenges the individual, enhances his/her achievement and self-esteem and motivates him/her to strive for excellences is essential.Choosing a definite career which takes into consideration the skills or aptitude,interest and personality of the individual, hence have become very important to thrive in ones career.

In this scenario, seeking the help of an experienced Career Counselor would optimize the chances of choosing a career which would help an individual to bloom in his/her career. We at "Leo institute"provides such service of career guidance to students who at are at important juncture of their career lives and helps them to determine their true potential, identify their interest areas in the field of career and help them to fuse it with their personality factors which ultimately helps them to choose the best career option.

We assess and analyze four important aspects of career choice for students i.e. Aptitude,General Intelligence,InterestandPersonalityand on the basis of assessments give synthesized resultsand suggest options to choose from which best suits the students and facilitate the career decision making.Therefore, these extra efforts put in to get maximum information about each students assures that the decision made is right! So contact for the best career counselling and guidance .